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Peachtree MG Registry

"CHECK THE BOX next to items you want before changing the quantity of that item."

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Buy a PMGR Grille Badge

Below are two photos of the PMGR Grille Badges.  One is the badge by itself, and the other is with the mounting hardware.

Price is $32.00
if you pick it up in person, or $37.00 if you choose to have it mailed to you. 

You can pay by Check to PMGR or use a service like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Bill Pay, etc.  
To use PayPal:

   -  Log into your PayPal Account.
   -  Select "Send Money"
   -  Enter the email address:
   -  Just follow the prompts and put the item you are buying in the "memo" section.

 For payment and delivery coordination, please contact:

  Reinout Vogt   

PMGR Grille Badge