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For Sale - 1967 MGB - Need Assistance

I purchased this car in 1983.  Five years ago, I took it to a shop to have it brought back to life, since it had been stored in my garage for a long time.  I spent $7,500 to get it completely put together and running. Many new parts. I drive it once a week. It does need a good paint job. No rust or damage.  
I am 81 years old and can no longer work on the car so I would really like to sell the car.  
I do have many replacement parts that I intended to install, plus trunk rack, hood lifts, trunk lift, spare tubes for tires, new tires, less than 100 miles (tubes installed), all rims wrapped to protect tubes. New set of seat covers to install. Top on car is like new, clear plastic window (does not zip out). I have original mahogany door trim at top of door panels. I have many spare parts including generator, starter, grill, trim and instruments. 
I do not know for sure how many miles are on the engine, but it runs smooth and does not smoke or use excessive oil. Oil pressure is good and temp is normal when driving car. I would guess that front end bushings will need replacing at some point. I
have not replaced them.
New radiator, new brake cylinder and slave. New clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing. New wheel cylinders and shocks.  Muffler OK, but needs adjusting to move it higher to avoid contact with speed bumps.  I have 2 radios, one original and another extra, shown. Extra bumpers, new car cover, extra set of wheel spinners and more.
I am not sure how much it is worth, but I would like to get a fair price. 

Tony Scarratt
678 386 4205

Tony Scarratt

For Sale - MG-TD/TF Luggage Rack - $60

Custom made oak and metal luggage rack for a MGTD or MGTF with disk wheels.  This rack uses the lugs on the spare tire...just remove the hub cap and bolt it on.  It has eyelets so the luggage can be bungee corded on.  It is sized to handle a large bag.  When you get to the destination, just remove it and replace the hub cap.  I have converted my TD to wire wheels, so can no longer use it.  Price $60.

Jay Franklin, Cumming, GA

Jay Franklin

For Sale -’73 MGB - $10,000

I have had the clutch rebuilt, together with the Overdrive, and had new front & rear brakes and pads added.  I'm now 79 years old with bad back problems, which make it hard to get in and out of the car.  I also
find it hard to maintain the car the way I used to.  So, it's time to sell.
The car has been professionally maintained by Ric Cline since I bought it in 1989.  The asking price is $10,000 and comes with a removable hardtop.
George Metcalfe - 

George Metcalf

For Sale -’59 MGA - $9,000 OBO

This car is near Lula, GA and is offered for sale by the son of the deceased owner.  Dan Bosso met the owner and learned about the car.  This info is from Dan:  
"I went to see it and took the attached pictures. The frame appears in good condition based on what I could see.  The car is on blocks in a metal barn.  It hasn’t been driven in three years, the engine would turn over with the starter, but wouldn’t start.  The seller called me yesterday and said the engine was running and he was going to take it for a drive.  The engine is a replacement 1963 MGB engine that was rebuild and installed by Bart Miller of The Roadspeed Garage, in 2001.  The seller has paperwork on this.  The car was repainted by a Gainesville firm about the same time.  There are odds and ends parts that go with the car, including two sets of carburetors as seen in the picture of the boot."  The seller’s name is: Loren York  
He lives in Pasadena, CA and working on his parent's estate.  He is asking “About $9000", but said, "Shoot me an offer”. The car will remain in Lula, GA.

Loren York White MGA

FREE!  Two good used wire wheels removed from a 1966 MGB-GT.  The price is right -- free to anyone in the club.  These were recently removed form my '66 GT that has been sitting in my Garage for the past 20 years, I am still using the other two but, hopefully, they will be removed from car in about 6 months.  Tires go with wheels -- I have no use for them but the tubes may be in good shape.  I also have 2 more wire wheels with tires on them that have been wrapped in black plastic garbage and  stored in my crawl space for 20 years.  I also have 8 more new old-stock Michelin tires stored in same manner -- they have Roadmaster (Sears) on them.  

Price is right on all of them!  If anyone wants them, call me and we can sit up a time. 

Wanted:I need one rear wheel hub for a steel wheel tube-type differential.
Contact Carl at:  

McKinney Wire Wheels for Free

FREEAll for 1968 - 1974 1275cc Midget  (Sold my Midget.) 

All new, All free -- Just pick-up.  

Spark plugs

Coil & coil bracket

Brake Pads

Generator/alternator fan

Generator/Alternator pulley

Carburetor & Exhaust gaskets

Heater valve gasket

Gas filter

Alan Cox

For Sale -’59 MGA Coupe 

Solid Georgia car, garaged since 1972. Mid-1980’s rebuild. Has all the glass, chrome, trim carpet, original carbs and some extra spares, master cylinder, generator and brake parts.

I would generally describe the car as a project car. 

59 MGA Coupe - White